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How to get your social media ready for Christmas

Social media symbols with Christmas hats

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Christmas time is just around the corner and it’s a great time for plenty of businesses out there, especially those making the most out of social media. Here are some tips to get your social media channels ready for the Christmas period.

Change that logo!

There are certain events throughout the year which give you a great opportunity to change your logo picture, and Christmas is one of them! Plenty of businesses will add a Christmas hat on their logo, put Christmas lights around the top or add holly to the corners.

Think of ways you can Christmasify your logo.

Alter your language

Most of your social media posts throughout the year are probably written directly to the person that’s likely to buy your product or service. At Christmas, you may need to alter your language to point people to buy for others instead. Here’s an example…

Rather than posting “Spoil yourself with our world-famous pampering session” you’d want to write “Spoil your wife with our world-famous pampering session this Christmas”. It’s a small alteration to your language but it could be the difference to someone actually reading it and scrolling right past!

Christmas offers

Christmas is an amazing time to create a unique offer and increase sales. Discounts between 10-20% show a 7% increase in revenue and a 28% increase in unit sales.

You’ll find even more value if you’re the type of brand that doesn’t offer many discounts throughout the year as this will be more impactful when you share it across social media.

Bonus tip: Giving your offer a name makes it seem even more valuable to a consumer. For example, rather than just saying “it’s a 20% discount” call it the “Holly Holiday Sale”

Open hours

On certain platforms such as Facebook, you can put in the operating times of your businesses. If these are likely to change around Christmas time, make sure to update them. This goes for your Google Business Profile as well.

But, even if the platform doesn’t store your business operating times, make sure to at least do one post to let your customers and potential customer know when to expect your business to be available. Then go ahead and pin that post to the top of your profile on platforms that allow you to do so. This way, if anyone clicks through to your profile to make contact with you, they know if you’re available or not.

Give to your audience

Christmas is the time of giving after all! So why not host a giveaway to give something to your audience as a gift for them following you and supporting your business?

If you’re a product-based business, this could be as simple as one of your products for free. But even if you’re a service-based business you can get involved by giving out an Amazon voucher or something similar.

It’s usually better to give away something that they can enjoy immediately, rather than something like “3 months of free access to our software”. But, if that’s all you’re willing to offer then that’s better than nothing!

Get prepared

Christmas can be a busy period for many businesses and you don’t want your social media presence to suffer because you get too busy. 

Try to schedule posts in advance as much as you can to make sure the content is still going out while you’re busy. 

Most platforms allow you to schedule posts in advance from within the platform now but if you’d prefer to use a tool to do all the platforms at once you can use platforms such as Later or our very own marketing platform.

Customer service may increase

Year-on-year social media is being used more by customers to reach out to brands when they need support. If you’re selling a product or service that is likely to be bought more over the Christmas period, bear in mind that your customer service requests via social media are likely to increase.

You can use automation to engage your customers while someone in your team isn’t available, and then get back to them when someone is available.

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