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Email Marketing

Grow a list of avid fans

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Have people excited to hear from you

Own Your Audience

When you grow an email list, you own that email list, unlike growing a social media following that is ultimately owned by the social media platform.

That’s why email marketing is a must-have for 99% of businesses that are looking to grow an audience.

Why You Should Consider Email Marketing

Box Crab Digital lead generation and digital marketing team

Engaged Following

For someone to decide to join your mailing list, they have to be more engaged than simply liking you on social media.

That means you KNOW the members of your email list care about what you have to offer.

Timeless Marketing

When you get a new sign up to your email list today, you can still be marketing directly into their inbox for years to come.

There is no other marketing approach that has the longevity of email marketing.

You're In Good Hands

What we can do for you

We can help you grow an email list, keep them engaged and ultimately convert into a customer.

While constantly keeping on top of the latest campaigns that are working for other brands, we can make sure we know what is working today, rather than using out-of-date email marketing methods.

Grow a list

The first step of email marketing is to grow a marketing list.

convert the list

Once you have a list, you need to keep them engaged and convert them to a customer.

That's Not All

Interest In Other Ways We Get You Leads?

Funnels/Landing Pages

An amazing funnel/landing page can 10x the amount of leads that convert to customers.

Marketing Automation

Setup automations to continue nurturing leads even while you're sleeping!

Google Advertising

Pay to skyrocket to the top of searches on Google and get leads straight away.

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